Areas Of Focus

Our expertise in medical devices and drug compliance uniquely qualifies us as the provider of a variety of medical and regulatory services.

As consultants, we provide regulatory and follow-up services for the following categories:

  • Independent License Holding (Authorised Representative) for both Singapore & Malaysia
  • Medical Device Registration
  • In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Device Registration
  • Pharmaceuticals Registration – including New Drug Application (NDA), Biologics and Generics
  • Quality Management Systems such as GDPMDS (Singapore) & GDPMD (Malaysia)
  • Cosmetic Notification
  • Health Supplements & Herbals Notification
  • Chinese Proprietary Medicines (CPM)
  • Strive for excellence as a trusted regulatory partner
  • Go the extra mile for customer and stakeholder satisfaction
  • Tailor solutions to meet objectives
  • Commitment to high-quality regulatory services with trust
  • Adherence to principles of pride and professionalism
  • Focus on exceeding client expectations
  • Commitment to project completion excellence


Company Achievements Timeline

We are committed to being a business that balances
purpose with profit that create value for all our stakeholders.

Launch of Nyprax Pharma (Singapore)


Launch of Nyprax Regulatory


Launch of Nyprax Business Solutions (Malaysia)


Launch of Sonax Business Solutions


Expansion into SEAsia and other regions

2025 onwards